Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2009 - Ideas For The Year Performance Update

At the beginning of the year I made a list of picks and pans for the year which I planned to review at the end of each month. The purpose of this exercise is to provide ideas for your own research, some potential opportunities for 2009, as well as some companies I feel are best avoided. At this point I am just going for a brief overview, I may get into some more in depth analysis later in the year. I will focus on specific companies in this instance, although later in the year I may look in more depth at specific sectors, or the economy as a whole.

So here are the performances for 2009 to date.

My Long Picks for 2009, with 03/31/09 closing prices

Anadys Pharmaceuticals (ANDS) - $6.79 (+332.48%)
Himax Technologies (HIMX) - $2.80 (+73.91%)
Quicksilver Gas Services LP (KGS) - $13.25 (+39.77%)
Natural Resources Partners LP (NRP) - $22.33 (+27.97%)
Ecology & Environment (EEI) - $13.15 (+9.77%)
Urban Outfitters (URBN) - $16.37 (+9.28%)
Dorchester Minerals LP (DMLP) - $16.33 (+2.90%)
Highveld Steel and Vanadium (HSVLY) - $7.85 (+2.21%)
Yanzhou Coal (YZC) - $7.17 (-4.65%)
Raven Industries (RAVN) - $20.78 (-13.78%)
UFP Technologies (UFPT) - $4.4899 (-15.12%)
Chase Corporation (CCF) - $9.30 (-17.63%)
Hugoton Royalty Trust (HGT) - $9.56 (-40.44%)
Versar, Inc. (VSR) - $2.29 (-44.42%)

The top performer of the month was Himax Technologies (HIMX) moving from $1.65 to $2.80. Also of note was Yanzhou Coal (YZC), moving from $5.68 to $7.17. I imagine that oil and commodities will continue to improve in the coming months which should lift struggling pick Hugoton Royalty Trust (HGT). I am considering increasing my stake in HGT, as I feel it is one of the most undervalued royalty trusts.

My Short Picks for 2009, with 03/31/09 closing prices

Build-A-Bear Workshop (BBW) - $6.07 (+24.90%)
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB) - $17.63 (+4.75%)
Ann Taylor Stores (ANN) - $5.20 (+3.17%)
Mercantile Bancorp (MBR) - $7.2999 (-30.81%)
LaCrosse Footwear (BOOT) - $8.03 (-35.66%)
La-Z-Boy (LZB) - $1.25 (-42.40%)
Bank of America (BAC) - $6.82 (-51.56%)
Office Depot (ODP) - $1.31 (-56.04%)
Citigroup (C) - $2.53 (-62.30%)
Converted Organics (COIN) - $0.84 (-76.27%)
Circuit City (CCTYQ) - $0.0075 (-94.23%) - Bankrupt
Smurfit Stone Container Corporation (SSCC) - $0.00 (-100%) - Bankrupt

As a group my short picks rallied a little in recent weeks, particularly in the financial sector. The big surprise for me is Build-A-Bear Workshop (BBW) which is up almost 25% for the year. Converted Organics (COIN) continued its fall into penny stock territory.

Well, I will review the list again at the end of April to see how my picks and pans are performing. Until then, happy investing!

Disclosure: At the time of writing the author held shares in Highveld Steel and Vanadium (HSVLY), Himax Technologies (HIMX), Hugoton Royalty Trust (HGT), Yanzhou Coal (YZC), UFP Technologies (UFPT), and Versar, Inc. (VSR).

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  1. Some interesting picks and high flyers as well.

    Again, I must say I do like your short pick ideas.