Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Bull In China - Jim Rogers

A Bull In China by Jim Rogers is an excellent book for anyone interested in investing in the huge potential of China. The author explains why China is growing and why it will continue to grow. He starts out with an overview of the different classes of Chinese shares and some of the history of the Chinese economy, and then breaks down all the major sectors of the economy.

The author discusses everything from real estate to agriculture to the Chinese space program, and accompanies each chapter with dozens of companies with brief descriptions of each. Now, a number of these example companies are not open to investment by the average overseas investor, however, many of the companies are traded on US exchanges.

The author stresses that investing in China is a long term process with ups and many downs along the way. He does not specifically recommend any company in the book, he only mentions them to give the reader a broad understanding. I highly recommend this book as it gives the reader a real appreciation of the huge growth potential available through investing in China. I personally have compiled a list of interesting companies that I plan to research as I would like to increase my own exposure to this great country.

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